High quality portable structures



Backyard Outfitters highly skilled work force uses Mennonite craftsmanship passed down for generations and modern tools and production techniques for the best of both worlds.

Our buildings are all built on pressure treated 4×6 skids which are notched to accept the floor joists. By notching them we prevent the joists from racking or twisting and create a much stronger foundation. They are all rated for direct ground contact but may be placed on blocks, gravel, and concrete etc.

2×4 wall studs on all buildings are 24 inches on center. Every other stud is doubled up providing stronger siding seams and increasing building rigidity and lifespan.

Floor joists are treated 2×4’s 16 inches on center. Optional floor joist spacing is 12 inches on center and is standard all 10×20 and larger buildings and garages. 2×6 floor joists are also an option.

Flooring is 5/8″ treated marine grade plywood. 3/4″ is optional.

Siding is 5/8″ treated t-111 on treated buildings and 1/2″ LP smartside on painted structures.

Pressure treated buildings are water sealed and all pressure treated wood carries a lifetime warranty against termites and fungal decay from the manufacturer.

Exposed nails are ring shank & galvanized for maximum strength, which means no rust spots.

Our builders are very creative and any special order building can be customized. If you see a building you like, but want to add or remove options like doors, windows, colors, custom roof colors etc . . . we will always do our best meet your needs.

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